Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips

Hello lovelies! 

I have had these Sally Hansen nail polish stickers in one of my drawers for ages and I have been dying to try them out! My mum bought me three when she was over in Dallas when they first came out a few years ago, a pink one, a blue glitter and a butterfly print. Since then, I have been over to the US and I bought a pink glitter one and a leopard print one.

In the packet, you get a variety of different sized strips and you just have to pick and choose which ones fit your nails best. They also come with an instruction sheet and the files you need so it is perfect. The instructions are super easy to follow which makes for a quick application process. 

I finally tried them out for the first time and I was so impressed! Since it was my first time trying them, I have a couple of bubbles in a couple of my nails. They look super neat too, which is a bonus if you are messy at painting your own nails. 

I was a bit sceptical about how long they would last (the box says up to 10 days) but I have been to the beach and washed my hair with them on and they are still perfect.

The only issue with this particular colour is that it doesn't photograph very well. As you can see in the pictures that follow, the colour is different in every picture. The colour is a pale pink but it's kind of fluoro. The above image is the best image and the colour is almost exact.

Clockwise from top left: Fly With Me, Kitty Kitty, Cry Baby, Bling It On, Blue Ice.
I would highly recommend these to anyone! They are the perfect solution for girls who have very little patience or time to paint their nails as there is zero dry time involved with these nail polish stickers.

Have any of you guys tried these yet?

Phoebe xx 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Brunch with the girls

The other day I went out to brunch with my friends from primary school. It is so crazy to think that we have been friends for about 8 or more years.

What I wore

Dress: Valleygirl
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: LouisVuitton
Bangle: Cartier knock off
Necklace: Lovisa

This gorgeous white mullet dress is my new go-to piece! I absolutely adore it, from the shape, to the fabric, to the detail... I love everything about this dress! Plus, I got it for a very good price. 

These shoes are my mum's and they are super cute and so comfortable.

Hope you all had an enjoyable week! 

Love always, 

Phoebe xo

Friday, 18 January 2013

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

The other night I went out to the Hard Rock Cafe at Darling Harbour for dinner with Emma and our friend Erin. It was really great catching up with her, as I have literally seen no one from school all holidays! 

What I wore
Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Cotton On
Boots: Nine West
Belt: unknown
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Ring: Diva
Necklace: Lovisa
Bangle: knock off Cartier from markets in Shanghai

I love this outfit! It was inspired by an outfit I saw Audrina Patridge wearing and I added some variations. For example, she wore a leopard belt and leopard booties. I alos have a new found love of wearing shorts with wedge boots; I love how elongated my legs look.

I also love the way my hair looked. I went to the hairdresser's that day and I got my streaks redone and a trim. 

I love Hard Rock Cafes and I am so happy there is finally one here in Sydney. 

I had a really fun night!

Love, Phoebe xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Holiday fashion from my trip to Yamba.

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for how delayed this post is but I have been swamped since I got home from Yamba! In between catch ups, unpacking and trips to and from the airport, I've barely had time to sit down and update my blog.

This post contains photos of some of the outfits I wore while I was up the coast. 

Shorts from Riders, Top from Pippie Beach

Shirt, Cotton On

Topshop ring, OPI shade "No Room for the Blues" 
New favourite fragrance, #2 from Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection for Women, Beauty Rush lipgloss in Melonrageous.

New maxi dress and Guess shoes

Me and Emma

Shorts and top, both Cotton On
My favourite purchase by far was this gorgeous House of Harlow 1960 bangle! I found it in one of Yamba's more upmarket boutique stores Podium and I am so happy I bought it. It was relatively cheap and I'm sure I will wear it a lot. I love the geometric pattern and how fun and different it is. It is quite different to the jewellery pieces I am usually drawn too, which is why I love it. I am always looking for interesting jewellery pieces to add to my collection.

I have a few more posts lined up for you guys, so keep posted! 

Lots of love, 
Phoebe xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On holiday!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry for not posting in a while! 

I have been in a small beachside town in northern New South Wales (about a 9 hour drive from Sydney) called Yamba. I come here almost every year with my family and I love it! It is so quiet and peaceful and super relaxed. I love coming here and lying on the beach, tanning or relaxing by the pool.

The town is super tiny. It mostly consists of houses and apartments and there is also a cinema, a few salons, a church, a skate park, some nice restaurants, a chemist, a pub, a liquor store and a couple of clothing and food stores and that's about it. It is nice to come here as it is so different from Sydney!

The view from our apartment's top story balcony

Main Beach
The apartment we are staying in is fabulous! The whole complex is relatively new and the apartments are nice and modern. We have one of the top apartments which is two stories and extremely spacious. There is also a pool out the back that all four apartments share. Since we overlook the ocean, there is always a nice breeze.

The weather up here has been perfect! The temperatures have ranged from the high twenties to the high thirties (in degrees Celsius) which has been amazing! I have been spending each day out by the pool or beach and I have noticed that I am slowly getting a nice tan, which is great, since I generally don't tan.

As for outfit posts, I have been taking some photos and I will upload them all in one big post when I get back to Sydney in a few days time.

Hope all of my lovely readers are well! I hope you are all enjoying the new year so far!

All my love, 
Phoebe xxx