Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On holiday!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry for not posting in a while! 

I have been in a small beachside town in northern New South Wales (about a 9 hour drive from Sydney) called Yamba. I come here almost every year with my family and I love it! It is so quiet and peaceful and super relaxed. I love coming here and lying on the beach, tanning or relaxing by the pool.

The town is super tiny. It mostly consists of houses and apartments and there is also a cinema, a few salons, a church, a skate park, some nice restaurants, a chemist, a pub, a liquor store and a couple of clothing and food stores and that's about it. It is nice to come here as it is so different from Sydney!

The view from our apartment's top story balcony

Main Beach
The apartment we are staying in is fabulous! The whole complex is relatively new and the apartments are nice and modern. We have one of the top apartments which is two stories and extremely spacious. There is also a pool out the back that all four apartments share. Since we overlook the ocean, there is always a nice breeze.

The weather up here has been perfect! The temperatures have ranged from the high twenties to the high thirties (in degrees Celsius) which has been amazing! I have been spending each day out by the pool or beach and I have noticed that I am slowly getting a nice tan, which is great, since I generally don't tan.

As for outfit posts, I have been taking some photos and I will upload them all in one big post when I get back to Sydney in a few days time.

Hope all of my lovely readers are well! I hope you are all enjoying the new year so far!

All my love, 
Phoebe xxx

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  1. Loving that place. Sure is a peaceful home. Hope I can visit just the same :)