Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Whitehouse School of Design Fashion Show

Today, I had the honour of attending the Whitehouse Design Institute's fashion show at their Sydney campus in Surry Hills. For a person who is heavily interested in fashion design, I was extremely excited when I found out we (me and my Design and Technology class at school) were going to be attending.

It was everything I expected and so much more! 

When we first arrived, we had a look around the interior design, fashion sketching and styling displays. The styling displays were my favourite, and thanks to my afternoon at Whitehouse, I am now seriously considering a styling degree. I reckon it would be such a cool job to style models for photo shoots for high selling fashion magazines. I also collected a truckload of business cards from the styling students. I'm not too sure why, but I'm sure they'll come in handy if I enter the styling business. 

After looking at all the various displays, we headed to level 5 to watch the fashion show. I was so excited when I saw that we would be sitting front row in a row that had been reserved especially for our school. I have always dreamed of sitting front row at a fashion show, preferably New York and Paris fashion weeks but hey, baby steps. I know I'll get there eventually. 

The designs that graced the runway were amazing! Every one of the garments was unique and so incredible. The show consisted of designs from the first, second and third year students. The fabrics, the patterns, the dsigns - everything was just breathtaking! I was amazed by the huge talent of all the Whitehouse students.

Here are a few of my favourite photos that I took during the fashion show: 

I had a fabulous time at the Whitehouse Design School today. I am now so inspired to follow a creative career path.

Congratulations to all the incredible students!

Phoebe x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Friday Musings

Thank goodness it's Friday! I have never looked more forward to any other weekend than this weekend. Well, not true but you get the idea.

As there frequently is on Friday, it is story time. Kind of an odd tangent for a fashion blog but I guess it lets my lovely readers get to know the quirky teen who runs The Style Evolution. So anyway..

I was printing my Design and Technology assignment on Thursday afternoon at my dad's office. I drove home and realised I had left them on his accountant's desk. I called him and asked him to bring it home with him when he got home and he did. Everything was going well until that point.

I left it all in a bright yellow manilla folder in the place where I usually keep all my stuff. This morning I forgot to take it to school with me, and I only realised I had forgotten it when I was at the QVB. So whilst standing on the streetcorner with a few of my friends, I proceeded to use quite a few bad words and then I called my mother to get her to drop it in at 11am. By this point I was ready to throw my phone on the ground and just cry. 

Anyway, I got to school without crying and breaking my phone. Since I had a free period first, I was able to print it off at school. I was so relieved to print it off and get it to my teacher on time.

This was quite possibly the most stressed I have been in ages. But with me being in Year 12 and in the process of completing my HSC, I am sure I will have more stressed mornings. Lucky me. 

I hope you guys had a more enjoyable Friday than I did and that you all have a lovely weekend.

And Happy Thanksgiving!!

Phoebe x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Country and Western

Happy Sunday!

Today was very relaxed for me. I woke up late after getting home from a babysitting job at 1:30am. For lunch, the family and I went out to Crows Nest for some Yum Cha which was delicious! 

I then returned home, printed out my modern history assignment and now as I am in the middle of posting this, I am doing some maths study and painting my toenails in "Jolene" by Zoya- it's kind of a Barbie pink colour. 

What I wore:

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Gap
Boots: Joey boots by Rubi Shoes
Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy
Geode ring: Colette by Colette Hayman
Necklace: Colette by Colette Hayman
Chain link ring: Topshop

I really liked this outfit. I was really excited to wear this top and these boots for the first time. This outfit made me feel very Country and Western which was pretty cool. I definitely love trying new things and taking risks when it comes to my personal style and my fashion choices, and when it all works out successfully, it encourages me to do it more often.

And on an exciting note, I only have 12 days of school left until holidays! I can't wait, I love summer holidays! 


Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hey everyone!

It's finally the weekend! I am so happy to be able to just relax. Next week is pretty busy for me, I have two assignments due and an exam so I will have to find some time tomorrow to cram in my study! 

Anyway, happy weekend loves! 

Phoebe xx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Outlet shopping!

Hi everyone! 

For a couple hours this morning, Emma and I headed out to the Birkenhead Point outlets at Drummoyne. I am in the best mood because I saved so much money! 

Cotton On:

I have been looking for a button up white blouse for ages and I found one today at Cotton On. It has gold buttons and has a dip hem. I bought it for $10, reduced from $35. I also bought black leggings for the gym, which I got 2 for $20, but they retail for $15 each.

Total retail: $65
Total spent: $30
Total saved: $35

Ralph Lauren:

My newest obsession! I am now in love with Ralph Lauren. I went into the store with the intention of buying the Big Pony fragrance #2 (the pink bottle) but when they didn't have I browsed through the womenswear and almost died when I saw how cheap everything was! The reductions were completely insane! I got a pair of white tracksuit pants, a red stripe racerback, a purple racerback and a white singlet top.

Retail: $139
I spent: $35

Retail: $99.95
I spent: $10

Retail: $79.95
I spent: $10

Retail: $99
I spent: $20

Total retail: $417.90
Total spent: $75
Total saved: $342.90

In Sport:

I was in need of some cute new gym tops and since I have truckloads of T-shirts I thought singlets would be the best option to go for. These Russell Athletics shirts are so gorgeous and fun! Plus, they were even more appealing because they were on sale. The shape is really nice, the straps aren't too thick and there is a whole cut out of the back.

Retail: $80
Total spent: $50
Total saved: $30

Sunburn Swimwear:

I was in the mood to get a new bikini since summer is almost here and my old bikini is getting worn out. I absolutely adore this bikini! The style is called Sophia and I love the overload of frills, ruching and bows. The top is super comfortable and the cornflower blue gingham is so cute! All I need is a a pair of red Havaianas and I'll be just like Dorothy.

Retail: $179.90
Total spent: $124.90
Total saved: $55

Overall, I got $742.80 worth of clothes for $279.90, which means I saved a total of $462.90! My Mastercard took a pretty big hit, but it is a whole lot smaller than it should have been! 

I am now set for summer! I have a whole bunch of cute new tops and a gorgeous bikini. 

Emma and I are now planning to hit the DFO outlets out at Homebush in a few weeks time. Hopefully we will have just as much success there as we did today at Birkenhead Point.

Love, Phoebe x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Red, white and blue: I ♥ my new Jeffrey Campbell's!

Today is a great day. Not only is it Friday, the early days of November, 52 days until Christmas and the week that marks the halfway point for this term BUT today was also amazing because my Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen's arrived in the mail today from Nasty Gal! 

The pattern is called 'Stars and Stripes' and I just adore it! The red and white stripe is really vibrant and the blue is slightly faded and the two combinations work really well together! 

They are my new loves and I can't wait to wear them for the first time.

Happy weekend loves!

Phoebe x