Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala

One of my absolute favourite red carpet events is the annual Met Costume Institute Gala, held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This year's gala celebrated Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli, who together comprised the Costume Institute's new exhibition "Impossible Conversations."

Here are some of my favourite looks of the night, in no order.

Anna Wintour in Prada and Bee Schaffer in Erdem

Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan Atelier

Victoria Justice in McQueen

Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga (not a fan of the shoes, though)

Julianne Hough in Carolina Herrera
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana 

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera

January Jones in Versace

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Jessica Alba in Micheal Kors

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe

Solange Knowles in Rachel Roy
The Met Costume Institute Gala is without a doubt my most favourite red carpet event ever. I remember looking through the photos for the first time back when I was about 11 or 12 and just being amazed. I hope to one day attend the gala and walk the red carpet in an amazing dress by an amazing designer.

[All images via Getty Images]

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sitting on top of the world

Today I was at my cousin's third birthday party. I was in a creative mood, so I decided to go for a chic-country style look. 

Top: Bardot
Skirt: Valleygirl
Shoes: Sarasota
Bag: Mulberry
Belt: Supré
Ring: Diva
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Silver bangle: handmade by me in DT
Sunglasses: Prada

I think this outfit looked very effortless and I definitely loved wearing it! Outfit posts will featuring on my blog a lot more from now on. Keep posted for more!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Term 2

I am currently halfway through Week Two of Term Two and I can certainly feel the pressure starting to escalate. Everyone says the step up from Year 10 to Year 11 is big, but I hardly noticed it last term. That's either because I wasn't getting a lot of homework, or, the more likely option, I just wasn't do my homework.

I have already been given three assessment tasks and they are all due in a few weeks, as well as one I had to do over the holidays, but didn't. I also have been getting more homework and this time I am actually doing it.

I got relatively good results in my exams that I did last term. All my results were relatively average. I aced Design & Technology and failed English, but I don't particular care because I was totally expecting worse than what I actually got. To quote from my favourite movie of all time, Clueless, "these grades are only a jumping up point", and that's exactly how I see them. Room for improvement, if you will.

I am not really the type to get stressed out over anything. School and exams don't stress me out as much as they should, but I'm glad they don't, because I don't think I'd cope well under pressure during exam week. However, the other day I was in some crazy OCD mood and I washed up all the dishes and saucepans that were in the sink. I turned on the dishwasher and then I cleaned every single surface in the kitchen with Ajax. Seriously, every marble bench top. I also cleaned the stove top completely. I just brushed it off as a weird OCD mood, but when I brought it up today to my friend in Year 12, she told me that it was an anxiety thing.

When I think about it, I can totally see where she's coming from. My workload has slowly been increasing and all my assessments are starting to freak me out a little bit. I really don't know how well I will cope with the HSC next year and the pressure I'll most likely put on myself to get a high ATAR. I just don't want to be so stressed that I freak out and have a total mental breakdown. All I can do is hope to be calm and focused, and work on creating a stress-free environment for myself.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about this! It's so crazy how stressful next year will be, but after that I will be free for a few months... and then I go to University, which could potentially stress me out even more!

Well, only time will tell....