Thursday, 22 November 2012

Friday Musings

Thank goodness it's Friday! I have never looked more forward to any other weekend than this weekend. Well, not true but you get the idea.

As there frequently is on Friday, it is story time. Kind of an odd tangent for a fashion blog but I guess it lets my lovely readers get to know the quirky teen who runs The Style Evolution. So anyway..

I was printing my Design and Technology assignment on Thursday afternoon at my dad's office. I drove home and realised I had left them on his accountant's desk. I called him and asked him to bring it home with him when he got home and he did. Everything was going well until that point.

I left it all in a bright yellow manilla folder in the place where I usually keep all my stuff. This morning I forgot to take it to school with me, and I only realised I had forgotten it when I was at the QVB. So whilst standing on the streetcorner with a few of my friends, I proceeded to use quite a few bad words and then I called my mother to get her to drop it in at 11am. By this point I was ready to throw my phone on the ground and just cry. 

Anyway, I got to school without crying and breaking my phone. Since I had a free period first, I was able to print it off at school. I was so relieved to print it off and get it to my teacher on time.

This was quite possibly the most stressed I have been in ages. But with me being in Year 12 and in the process of completing my HSC, I am sure I will have more stressed mornings. Lucky me. 

I hope you guys had a more enjoyable Friday than I did and that you all have a lovely weekend.

And Happy Thanksgiving!!

Phoebe x

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