Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Whitehouse School of Design Fashion Show

Today, I had the honour of attending the Whitehouse Design Institute's fashion show at their Sydney campus in Surry Hills. For a person who is heavily interested in fashion design, I was extremely excited when I found out we (me and my Design and Technology class at school) were going to be attending.

It was everything I expected and so much more! 

When we first arrived, we had a look around the interior design, fashion sketching and styling displays. The styling displays were my favourite, and thanks to my afternoon at Whitehouse, I am now seriously considering a styling degree. I reckon it would be such a cool job to style models for photo shoots for high selling fashion magazines. I also collected a truckload of business cards from the styling students. I'm not too sure why, but I'm sure they'll come in handy if I enter the styling business. 

After looking at all the various displays, we headed to level 5 to watch the fashion show. I was so excited when I saw that we would be sitting front row in a row that had been reserved especially for our school. I have always dreamed of sitting front row at a fashion show, preferably New York and Paris fashion weeks but hey, baby steps. I know I'll get there eventually. 

The designs that graced the runway were amazing! Every one of the garments was unique and so incredible. The show consisted of designs from the first, second and third year students. The fabrics, the patterns, the dsigns - everything was just breathtaking! I was amazed by the huge talent of all the Whitehouse students.

Here are a few of my favourite photos that I took during the fashion show: 

I had a fabulous time at the Whitehouse Design School today. I am now so inspired to follow a creative career path.

Congratulations to all the incredible students!

Phoebe x


  1. Lucky you ! Such a nice show !

    XX Luba
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  2. Beautiful show.looks like a dream...