Saturday, 11 February 2012

26 days and counting...

Have you ever been so excited for something that it is all you ever think about? I am currently in one of those phases.

Every year since Grade 5, a bunch of my friends and I have been going up to Bathurst for a Mother/Daughter Horse riding weekend at a property owned by one of my moms best friends. This year marks the 7th year, so it is basically a tradition now. Every year I get more and more excited about it and this year I feel like I am about to explode! I am so ecstatic about this you have no idea!!! This year's weekend is scheduled for the 10th & 11th of March. 26 days and counting...

The group that goes with us has shrunk to about 10 girls and their mothers, so in total there are about 18 of us (there are two sets of twins, me and Em being one, and therefore two less mothers). It is nice that it is small and I only ever see most of the girls once a year when we go on this weekend. It is always a really fun weekend. We go horse riding about four times over the two days and the rest of the time is spent swimming, chilling in the spa, watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon (Suite Life On Deck and Spongebob are our ultimate faves), feeding the ducks/pigs/horses/sheep etc., laughing, talking, roasting marshmallows, creating new and delicious culinary creations (last time we made "Smoreos" which are pretty self-explanatory), taking photos and videos, wearing our pyjamas and ugg boots.... a lot, singing, playing Truth or Dare, dancing, playing foosball, playing pool/billiards, playing table tennis, playing actual tennis with a giant mushroom and occasionally a tennis ball, freezing our asses off in the winter weather, getting dizzy on the tire swing, being loud (we scream rather than speak to each other because we are hyperactive and full of sugar) and eating junk food galore! As you can see it is jam-packed and totally fun!

It is always nice to get out of the city, put everything on hold and escape out to the country. An added bonus about rural New South Wales is that I get hardly any phone reception, so no one can contact me, disturb my peace and disrupt all the fun that I am having.

I have been friends with these girls since primary school, so I definitely cherish their friendship and don't want to lose contact with them. Well, most anyway. One of the girls we go with is my ex-best friend and we can't not invite her because most of us are still good friends with her twin sister. Talk about dilemma, right? If I didn't have to invite her, I wouldn't but seeing as I have to, I just have to make do, mostly by just ignoring her, which is pretty much what I did during the last year of our friendship before our fallout. Oh, snap. Nevertheless, it is still awkward. Last time, she kept trying to talk to me which makes it hard for me to stick to my whole "ignore her" plan. I'm hoping this year will go smoothly with zero awkward encounters... or zero encounters period. I actually had a dream the other night that she dived across the couch and strangled me in front of everyone and I completely flipped out and was screaming to everyone about how crazy she was. Lets hope that doesn't happen. But, in the off chance that it does, I now know how to react to it (thank you sub-conscience).

I'll post some pictures and tell you my stories when I get back.


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