Thursday, 20 December 2012

Girls night out

Hi everyone!

Last night I went out with my three best friends Mel, Winnie and Emma. We went out to the Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe for a chocolate fuelled energy kick and then we went to the movies to see Pitch Perfect. It was a really fun movie and I had a great time catching up with the girls.

What I wore

Dress: Cotton On
Shoes: Seed
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
Bangle: Knock-off Cartier Love bangle from Shanghai
Necklace: Bee necklace from Lovisa
Rings: Lovisa
Nail Polish: "All Kendall-ed Up" from Nicole by OPI's Kardashian Kolors collection

This dress has been one of my favourites for ages! I love how simple it is and I basically wear it everywhere!

I absolutely adore this bangle! Emma got it for me as a gift when she was in Shanghai and I love it. I normally hate buying designer knock offs as I much prefer to pay more for a more quality piece. I would rather spend a lot of money on a designer luxury good that will last for years and years. I've had my eye on a Cartier Love bangle for ages now which is why I asked Em to get me one. I think they are so elegant and beautiful and I can't wait to own a real one someday in the future. I would be more than happy to pay the $6,300 price tag that comes with the Cartier Love bangle but unfortunately as a 17 year old high schooler on a casual babysitter's salary, I cannot even remotely afford the bangle at this time. However, I will own one eventually.

This bee necklace from Lovisa is adorable! I think it is so sweet. The idea behind it is the whole Queen Bee/ most popular girl in school idea (it comes with a pouch labelled "Queen Bee" with a paragraph about holding your head high etc.) but I am none of those so I bought it for a whole other reason. My closest friends and some family members call me Bee, it's kind of a nickname for those closest to me. The necklace was also on a gold chain and in a gold setting and I need more gold jewellery, but mainly for the first reason. 

All my love, 

Phoebe xo

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  1. Adorable polka dot dress! That is a great bangle :)