Saturday, 3 November 2012

Outlet shopping!

Hi everyone! 

For a couple hours this morning, Emma and I headed out to the Birkenhead Point outlets at Drummoyne. I am in the best mood because I saved so much money! 

Cotton On:

I have been looking for a button up white blouse for ages and I found one today at Cotton On. It has gold buttons and has a dip hem. I bought it for $10, reduced from $35. I also bought black leggings for the gym, which I got 2 for $20, but they retail for $15 each.

Total retail: $65
Total spent: $30
Total saved: $35

Ralph Lauren:

My newest obsession! I am now in love with Ralph Lauren. I went into the store with the intention of buying the Big Pony fragrance #2 (the pink bottle) but when they didn't have I browsed through the womenswear and almost died when I saw how cheap everything was! The reductions were completely insane! I got a pair of white tracksuit pants, a red stripe racerback, a purple racerback and a white singlet top.

Retail: $139
I spent: $35

Retail: $99.95
I spent: $10

Retail: $79.95
I spent: $10

Retail: $99
I spent: $20

Total retail: $417.90
Total spent: $75
Total saved: $342.90

In Sport:

I was in need of some cute new gym tops and since I have truckloads of T-shirts I thought singlets would be the best option to go for. These Russell Athletics shirts are so gorgeous and fun! Plus, they were even more appealing because they were on sale. The shape is really nice, the straps aren't too thick and there is a whole cut out of the back.

Retail: $80
Total spent: $50
Total saved: $30

Sunburn Swimwear:

I was in the mood to get a new bikini since summer is almost here and my old bikini is getting worn out. I absolutely adore this bikini! The style is called Sophia and I love the overload of frills, ruching and bows. The top is super comfortable and the cornflower blue gingham is so cute! All I need is a a pair of red Havaianas and I'll be just like Dorothy.

Retail: $179.90
Total spent: $124.90
Total saved: $55

Overall, I got $742.80 worth of clothes for $279.90, which means I saved a total of $462.90! My Mastercard took a pretty big hit, but it is a whole lot smaller than it should have been! 

I am now set for summer! I have a whole bunch of cute new tops and a gorgeous bikini. 

Emma and I are now planning to hit the DFO outlets out at Homebush in a few weeks time. Hopefully we will have just as much success there as we did today at Birkenhead Point.

Love, Phoebe x

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