Sunday, 7 October 2012

It's my birthdaaaaaay!

It's my birthday! Happy seventeenth to me!! I seriously cannot believe that I am 17! It's so crazy to think that I finish high school next year. Time really does fly. 

My actual birthday is on the 4th of October and on that day I went out for lunch and dinner with my twin sister and our parents. My brother was away camping with a friend so he wasn't around.

Yesterday, the 7th of October, was spent with my grandparents and cousins having a low-key celebration. My twin sister Emma and I made our cupcakes and hand decorated each one, and I think they turned out really cute.

One of the joys of being 17 is that I am eligible to get my Provisional license, which basically means that once I have completed 120 hours of driving and a driving test, I get my licence and no longer have to drive around with a parent in the car. I am beyond excited! I am so close to the required 120 hours so hopefully I'll have my licence in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed!

Blazer: Cotton On
Singlet: Bonds
Shorts: Riders
Shoes: Seed
Charm bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Necklace: Antique locket 

I got my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet a few years ago for my birthday and I love it to death! I have accumulated these charms over the years and each of them is so beautiful. I can also remember who i got each charm from and whether it was for a birthday or Christmas. I love Thomas Sabo bracelets as they are so different to Pandora bracelets, which everyone seems to have these days. Thomas Sabo's are more unique and I don't know very many people who have them. You can check out the website here.


Phoebe x

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  1. Happy birthday phoebe! I've been trying to send you a message on tumblr but the link won't let me :( anyway, I hope you had a great day and all your wishes came true! Good luck for your year 12 as well, you will ace it! Talk to you soon, love Alice (thistumblrsmellsliketeenspirit) xxxx