Monday, 23 April 2012

U is for U.S.A

One of my favourite holiday destinations, I love travelling over to America. I've been 4 times in total and I cannot get enough of it! It is such an amazing country. The only states I have been to so far are California, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. The states I am dying to visit (off the top of my head) are Alaska, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

I love every city I have been to in the US, but my absolute favourite places have to be Vegas, New York City, Orlando, Bachelor's Gulch and Santa Monica.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas is a city that I always have a place in my heart for. I spent my eleventh birthday in Vegas and I have very fond memories of the city. Plus, one of my favourite hotels ever, The Venetian, is there. I can't wait to go back when I'm 21 and experience the city in a whole other way!

New York City: As you all probably already know, I could talk about New York for days! It is my favourite city in the world and I just love it! It's so lively and fun and has such a good vibe. I love spending time in this amazing city and I am constantly thinking of things to do the next time I go back

Orlando: My favourite thing about Orlando was the theme parks! I am a huge fan of roller coasters ad theme parks in general that Orlando was perfect for me! My parents got sick of it after two days, but I could have stayed there for weeks. My favourite parks were Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Islands of Adventure, which contains the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Bachelor's Gulch: I went to Bachelor's Gulch knowing nothing about the area and I left feeling like a local. I knew all the bus numbers, how to call for a shuttle and I was quite familiar with the chairlift guys on my favourite slope after the first three days. I also felt a tad famous because when we first arrived at Bachelor's Gulch, the guy who let us in (It's a gated community and can only be accessed by keycard and if you are a resident or have a house there) asked if we were "the Australians." Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming, it was so nice!

Santa Monica: Santa Monica, aka my home away from home! My mom hates LA so whenever we are in California, we always stay in Santa Monica. We stay at the Loews hotel, which is amazing! It is in the perfect location, right on the beach! It is literally a one minute walk to the Santa Monica Pier and about a three minute walk to the Third Street Promenade, one of my favourite shopping spots, along with Century City of course! I know my way around Santa Monica very well and it is very familiar to me, which is why I call it my home away from home.

I definitely plan to live in the USA when I finish university, even if it is only for a short time. Just writing this post makes me want to go back! I hope to return soon, sometime in the next five years, fingers crossed!


  1. My U post was for the U.S.S. Arizona in Hawai'i and as I was writing it I commented on how much I love the U.S.A. Glad you agree. I would reciprocate, but I've never been to Australia.

    Happy A to Z-ing!