Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello year 11!

Two days into the year and it is already busy as hell! I knew Year 11 would be busy but after two days? Seriously, what ever happened to a bludge week?!

I must say, my timetable is great. My subjects are: French, Design & Technology, Advanced English, Geography, General Maths and Modern History. I think they are a good mix and I am loving them already! I also have extremely good teachers this year, especially my maths teacher. Every time I tell someone I have her their jaws drop to the floor or they tell that I am lucky to be in her class/they learnt heaps from her/they wish she was teaching them (she was promoted to Deputy Head this year, so she is only taking one class, which is mine). I cannot describe how glad I am to have a decent maths teacher. I am not exactly pro-mathematics but with an amazing teacher, I am planning to top my class (hopefully the course, or even state) in the HSC. Fingers crosssed!

Another thing I am looking forward to about Year 11 is the free periods. Yes, I know, it's the small things in life hat make me happy. I get three every 10 day cycle and I also have Rec once a cycle, during which we do stuff like bowling, laser tag and classes at Fitness First. 

It may seem crazy, but I am actually excited about knuckling down and studying. I have an attention span shorter than any goldfish so motivation is key for me so I can concentrate and subsequently improve my marks. I am aiming sky-high for the HSC so I'm gonna need all the study hours I can get!! I think that the main motivation for me is university. I have my heart set on Bond University and I need to step it up a bit if I want to get in and graduate successfully. Luckily for me, Bond offers a half scholarship to one student in Year 12 each year so I will definitely apply for it and hope for the best! I have been told that it is not solely based on academic ability, but I know that a high ATAR will definitely improve my chances.

It is insane to think that this year is my second last year in high school. I cannot believe that I will be out of school and off into the big wide world in a year. When I put it that way, it kinda freaks me out! It feels like only yesterday that I started high school and now I'm a senior in my intimidating white ribbon. For those who don't know me, at my school you wear a blue hair ribbon if you are in the junior school and years 7, 8, 9 and 10. When you get to years eleven and twelve, you get to wear a white ribbon and can get a jumper with a red stripe around the neck. It is something you wait for ages for and it is totally worth the wait! I much prefer the white ribbon; I think it looks much better. Plus, it intimidates the new year 7's. 

Anyway, to those of you back at school, enjoy yourselves this year. I wish you all the best for everything you try. 

               Phoebe xo

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