Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Once again, we find ourselves in a leap year. I actually did a double take when I saw the date on the screen  of my iPhone this morning. It's something that everyone tends to forget about, until it comes up again.

Everyone goes on about the 29th of February being a special day. It is considered the only day that it is socially acceptable for a woman to propose to her boyfriend. Everyone also goes on how it is the day to do something you've never done before. I think that it is extra special if it is your birthday because it only comes up once every four years.

The way I see it is that a leap year is just an average year with one extra day to screw everything up. Or make it better. It's completely up to you. For me, I'm hoping for the latter.

As soon as 2011 ticked over into the early hours of 2012, I had this feeling that 2012 was going to be an amazing year, possibly the best one yet. So far, it has been going great! At school, I'm doing all the subjects I love and have chosen to do (Design and Technology, French, Advanced English, Geography, General Maths and Modern History). I'm doing absolutely no sciences which I am loving! I have found that I enjoy school so much more now that I am doing subjects that I like and am good at. I also have free periods which are great!

I'm hoping that 2012 will continue on in the same way, getting better and better as each month goes by... well, a girl can dream, right?! My main goals in 2012 are to get into the high seventies or even eighty percent region for all of my exams and to meet One Direction. It can totally happen. And fingers crossed it will.

Happy Leap Year! Make the most of it my lovelies!

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