Monday, 20 February 2012

Around the world; Geneva, Switzerland.

This weeks travel post is about the beautiful city of Geneva! Well renowned for its Swiss chocolate and watches, Geneva does not disappoint. It is very picturesque, from the churches, to the lake and even the snowcapped alps, this city has it all. Geneva is most well known for being the financial capital of the world, as well as being the most neutral country during the wars.

Geneva is one of the best places I have ever been to. It is quiet and really relaxing. I went during winter and the weather wasn't amazing so the photos (majority were taken by me) look a little bleak.

St. Pierre Cathedral:

The front of St. Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre Cathedral first opened sometime during the 12th Century. It is extremely beautiful and the interior is very detailed. All the stained glass windows were very interesting. We climbed to the top balcony of the cathedral and the view of Geneva was magnificent! Despite the grey weather, we could still see the snowcapped mountains through the fog.

The view from the top balcony

Lake Geneva:

Possibly the most iconic lake in the world, Lake Geneva certainly deserves the attention it gets. The city is pretty much centred around the lake and it is really nice to walk along the banks. When I was there with my family, we came across some people in bathing suits about to go for a swim in the lake, despite the fact that it was about 4 degrees Celsius outside. From a distance the water looks murky but when you get up close, you will see that the water is actually emerald green in colour and crystal clear. You can almost see straight to the bottom. Instead of sand, the beaches are compiled of pebbles. It is also very common to find ducks and swans in the lake.


Whilst in Geneva, my family and I were staying in the Mandarin Oriental, located on Quai Turrettini. Our rooms had a great view of the city and was just on the lake which was great. It was nice to wake up to such a beautiful sight. We were in Geneva for a few days and on one of the mornigns we woke up to snow! It was incredible!

The view from my room
 When we went out that day to continue exploring the city, it began to snow again when we were in a beautiful little park by the lake. There must have been some sort of exhibit on, as the park was filled with various art installations by local artists. My personal favourite installation was the street lamps which had been wrapped to look like Chuppa Chups. I also liked the white bubbles which were placed in a few of the trees.

Snow falling in the park
I hope that one day I will be able to return to Geneva. I really enjoyed my time there and would love to go back soon.

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