Monday, 17 December 2012

Shopping trip!

Hi everyone! 

As you guys know, I got my ears pierced about a week ago and ever since I have been obsessed with buying myself earrings. I have a heap of pairs at home but all of them were given to me as presents. I had some cash lying around from a few babysitting jobs so I thought I'd go shopping and get myself some earrings, among other things.

My first stop was Colette by Colette Hayman. I love the accessories, so I was sure I would find some decent pieces there.

This six pack of studs is so great. I especially love the fake pearl studs and the crystal ones and I'm sure I'll use them a lot.

When I saw these chandelier earrings I knew I had to have them. They are so sparkly and gorgeous! I have no idea what I will wear with them, or what I will wear them to, but I'm sure I'll be able get some use out of them. 

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the gems in these earrings are a pale pinky-peach colour. They are so simple and elegant.

Although I didn't need another pair of fake eyelashes, I just had to have these ones. I feel like they are the perfect combination of length and volume. They aren't too dramatic and they aren't too fine.

My next stop was Lovisa.

I got these gorgeous flat silver heart studs from Lovisa and they are so cute. They are so simple that I'm sure I'll be able to wear them during the day and with any outfit.

I have way too many pieces of cross jewellery but I got this ring because there was a sale at Lovisa where you bought one ring and got a ring free. I thought this one was really nice; the only other cross ring I have is a two finger one.

This ring is definitely my new favourite! It's an amethyst colour but in different light it sometimes can look grey, black or purple. I absolutely love the size! This is actually from Lovisa's vintage range and it definitely has a gorgeous vintage feel to it.  


Phoebe x

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