Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hanging out on Sydney Harbour

On Sunday, my family took two other families out with us on my grandfather's boat. He has owned the boat forever, I have basically grown up on it and I love it! Everyone in my family sails (my grandfather was the world champion at one stage in his life) and it is nice to be a part of a family tradition.

We sailed out to the ANZAC Bridge, the Harbour Bridge and out to the eastern suburbs and up to the headlands. It was a really chilled and relaxed day and although I got sunburnt, I had a nice time.

What I wore:

Top: Esprit
Jeans: MNG
Shoes: Vans
Sunglasses: Prada
Rings: Topshop
Bracelet: present from my grandmother
Necklace: Diva

I took these photos of the docks where my grandfather's boat is moored. It is a really historic part of my suburb and it is absolutely beautiful.

The bottom photo was taking after we left the docks and sailed out towards the city.

Hope you all had enjoyable weekends.

Phoebe x

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