Saturday, 8 September 2012

Apologies for being MIA

Hello lovelies, I am so sorry for being MIA over the past week or so! I have been busy studying/procrastinating in preparation for my exams which are this week. But I absolutely promise to be more efficient and on the ball with my blog once my exams finish next week.

Once my holidays start I will be posting a lot more frequently! I have a few ideas for beauty posts, travel posts and outfit posts, so keep posted. Also, I will be attending the grand opening of Sydney's first Topshop store at the beginning of October so look out for my post on that. I am expecting that it will be an amazing event and I am so excited. Even though I haven't found the perfect outfit yet, I am hopeful I will find something amazing. After my exams next week I will be running around the city trying to find the perfect dress. Fingers crossed my mission is successful!

Recently, I have become absolutely obsessed with Polyvore! It allows me to express my creativity and it inspires me. You can check out my page here and just so you know, I follow back everyone who follows me :)

Lots of love and I promise to be on more frequently at the end of my exam period!


Phoebe x

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