Friday, 27 April 2012

Y is for Youth

Born in 1995, I am a nineties kid through and through. Back then, childhood was a much simpler time. My generation climbed trees, rode bikes, played in parks and watched VCR's. We didn't have iPhones and iPods, like most kids do these days. It's quite sad to see how rapidly things have changed in my short lifetime.

Me and my twin sister, age 5

Me on my grandfather's boat, age 3

I love looking through all the photo albums from when I was younger. It reminds me of my very happy childhood. At the age of 16, most would consider me to still be in my childhood, but I personally think that my childhood is behind me. I am ready to grow up and move on to bigger and better things. And while I will occasionally lapse back into childish habits, I will never fully be a kid again. With that being said, I will always love Disney movies.

I am happy that I am at a new stage in my life. I'll be graduating from high school around October next year which is extremely daunting but also exciting. I feel like I am ready to go off into the big wide world and start living the life I have always dreamed of. Within the next eight years, I plan to have finished my two-year university course and be living in California or New York City, and possibly/hopefully be married to the man of my dreams.

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