Tuesday, 3 April 2012

D is for Distractions

I am a girl with a very short attention span and I tend to get distracted very easily. It has been exam week for me since Wednesday last week and I have found myself getting distracted during every single one of my exams.

English: I looked at the essay question and contemplated writing "Screw this" on the first line, closing the booklet and then going to sleep.

French Oral: I began to look out the window and at the clock and the birds while I was answering my teachers questions.

Geography: I spent my geography exam time very breezily. I took way too much time on the easy questions. I also found myself watching the reflections of people passing by for about 10 minutes. This left only 15 minutes for me to write the last 5 paragraphs of my extended response. Not exactly a smart move.

Maths: I mentally scanned through my closet and planned my outfit for a friend's party next week while a small portion of my brain was solving equations.

Modern History: I wrote 11 pages worth of Nazi Germany essay with "I Like It Like That" by Hot Chelle Rae playing on repeat in my head.

Design and Technology: I had "Big Time Rush" by Big Time Rush (as well as the opening credits of the show) stuck in my head the whole exam. It probably didn't help that I had been listening to it on repeat for the hour leading up to the exam.

French Reading and Writing: I read the clock wrong and nearly had a panic attack. Then I had a sudden wave of nausea and felt like I was going to pass out. Thankfully I didn't. Once that passed I got really really sleepy and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. This all happened within the first 20 minutes of my 2 hour exam. I then heard a shrill voice of a junior school girl scream "throw that in the bin Alice!" and that triggered a whole new chain of thought in my mind.

Distractions come easily to me, as you can see in the above points, but I guess it keeps things interesting. Even while writing this, I have been on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, played a game of JetPack Joyride and jammed out to my iTunes (which I am still doing).

Anyway, despite all the aforementioned distractions, I think I did quite well in all of my exams. Except English. The fact that I didn't study for any of them probably doesn't help either.

I hope you are enjoying reading my A-Z Challenge posts as much as I am enjoying writing them!


  1. I am distracted by the least little thing- the scratching of someone else's pencil is often enough to do it - my strategy was to get in and get as much done as quickly as possible before I began to take note of my surroundings

    Happy A to Z

  2. Hi, Phoebe! This post made me laugh because I remember those school days oh-so-well, heehee. I'm glad you did well on your exams!

    Nice to meet you and happy A to Z!!