Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year

With Christmas just 6 days away, I thought I'd get in the Christmas spirit and share some photos with you guys. I am kind of lacking in Christmas spirit this year; I blame it on the fact that we have no decorations up (we are going up to my cousins' for Christmas and the we go away a few days later so there was kind of no point). I absolutely love Christmas and this weather is confusing me further as it is supposed to be boiling hot!  

So I was at my grandmother's house today with my sister, helping decorate her tree and some of her tree decorations were absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to have my own house and decorate my own tree with amazing decorations from all around the world. I snapped a few pics of my favourites so here they are:

I love seeing snowflakes on Christmas trees in Australia, partly because they look totally out of place. For those unaware of a typical Australian Christmas, it is usually spent outdoors in the pool or playing Cricket in the backyard. I also like them as they remind me of white Christmases, something I have always dreamed of having (I came close once in London, but it was rain instead of snow.)

This Bloomingdales Little Brown Bag decoration is so cute! I absolutely love it! I find that having decorations on your tree that you have bought whilst travelling or on holidays gives your tree more of a personal touch. Just looking at the decorations evokes memories and stories. It may be the shopaholic side of me, but I think this bag is the coolest decoration ever and I am thinking of picking up one for myself when I go back to America.

For me, angel decorations are a must on Christmas trees! They are so beautiful and elegant. Of all the angel decorations my grandmother has, and believe me she has so many, I thought that this was the cutest. Handmade decorations are really sweet and they have character. Don't get me wrong, as a self-confessed neat-freak, I love pristine, neat and perfectly made decorations!

This decoration was by far my favourite! It is a handcrafted porcelain ornament from Wedgwood. Although, my judgement of best decoration may be partly clouded by my love of all things Wedgwood, courtesy of Design and Technology. They make such amazing and elegant things, from vases to plates and the fact that everything is handmade is just breath-taking! I love the detail of this ornament and the metallic blue of the painted ribbon is just beautiful. The ribbon reads: On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings. This decoration is part of Wedgwood's 12 days of Christmas ornaments. 

Wherever you may be on the 25th of December, I hope that you have a very merry Christmas! Happy holidays and stay safe Angels! 

Much love, 

Phoebe xo 

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